AbtinBerkeh Scientific Ltd. Company including AbtinBerkeh Academy
Registration number: 52237

Digital Publication Authorization Number: 6616
National Identification Number: 14002805905

AbtinBerkeh Scientific Ltd. Company including AbtinBerkeh Academy is an Iranian Knowledge Based Company, and an International Authorized Publisher, with the specialty of publishing books and ISI articles, and teaching research related courses

Iran New Address: AbtinBerkeh Scientific Ltd. Company, Niloufar, Ahmad Abad, Isfahan, 8154997111, Iran
M: +98 913 301 4844
T: +98 31 3226 1961




Email: miransari@abtinberkeh.com

Emirates address: P.O. Box 21882, Dubai, Emirates

Resume: AbtinBerkeh Scientific Ltd. Company



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